IAADP Needs YOU to Get Clicking and take the Pepsi Challenge!

January 6, 2011 · Posted in Assistance Dogs · Comment 

The International Association for Assistance Dog Partners (IAADP) is a contender in the Pepsi Refresh program, hoping to win funding for emergency veterinary care and other projects. They made it into the top 100 in December, but now they need your help to move into the top ten so they can win!

You can vote up to three different ways every day in January: on the Pepsi website, through Facebook and by texting. Go directly to IAADP’s Pepsi Refresh page or to the IAADP website for more information and to vote. You will need to register to vote the first time, but that just takes a minute and then you can quickly vote every day.

Toni Eames, IAADP president and Joan Froling, IAADP chairperson, were recent guests on the Working Like Dogs radio show. They spoke about the Pepsi Challenge, as well as the latest information on revisions to the Americans with Disabilities Act definition of service dogs, and airport relief areas for assistance dogs.

A recent IAADP email asked:

Could you find it in your heart to help IAADP become one of the Top Ten Vote Getters in our category by voting from January 3rd to the 31st?

The email also said there’s a new way to get more votes for IAADP by networking with other causes:

NEW IDEA FOR JANUARY!  If you look at the COMMENT section on our Pepsi webpage, you’ll see other projects voting for ours every day and leaving a message. If you use the Search box at the top of our page to visit their Pepsi webpage and return their vote and leave them a Comment with the Title of our Project, they will gratefully send more votes to IAADP through their network!  We’ve learned this mutual support method has helped a number of projects become one of the Top Vote Getters in their category, thus winning the funds they were seeking.  So this is a great way to assist IAADP to obtain extra votes each day!  Pepsi lets you vote online for up to ten different grant proposals a day.

I’ve been voting for IAADP every day since December.  Now I’m asking you to join me!

With your help I think we can push them into the top 10. You can help IAADP to assist individuals with disabilities and the dogs they are partnered with. Get clicking and help IAADP win the Pepsi Challenge and earn well-deserved funding!