War Dogs Remembered – Recognizing Our Unsung Canine Heroes

February 17, 2011 · Posted in Service Dogs 
Larry Chilcoat

I recently had the pleasure of visiting with veteran military dog handler, Larry Chilcoat on Working Like Dogs at www.PetLifeRadio.com. Larry stopped by to visit with me about the ongoing efforts to build a Military Working Dogs National Monument.

It is amazing the amount of work and dedication that a group of individuals have contributed to the Military Working Dogs National Monument. They have designed and secured a space for a national monument that will honor the heroic past and present United States military dog handlers and their incredible working dogs.

I could still hear Larry’s love for his military dog, Geisha, in his voice. He served in the Air Force in Vietnam as a Sentry Dog Handler, and the impact this dog had on his life could be felt in the way he reminisced about her.

These military working dogs do so much to save and to protect our country and the lives of their military handlers. The men and women who serve bravely beside their canine partners are the unsung heroes that provide us with the freedom we often take for granted.

If you would like to contribute to the Military Working Dogs National Monument, please visit the Military Working Dog Teams National Monument website donations page, where you can make a donation online or find information about mailing in your contribution.

Listen to the entire episode with Larry Chilcoat talking about the Military Working Dogs National Monument on Pet Life Radio.


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