Hair, Hair Everywhere! Summer time shedding

June 21, 2010 · Posted in Doggie Healthcare · 2 Comments 
brushing your dog

One of the things that I still am trying to get used to is the abundance of dog hair that rests on my clothes, in the tires of my wheelchair, and all over our home. Some people are so deterred by the amount of hair that dogs shed that they choose not to have an assistance dog.

I consider myself borderline fastidious about the way I dress and maintain my home. So, the hair is somewhat of an issue that can’t be ignored. But, with some care, it is manageable. I try to be prepared by keeping lint brushes or lint removers in various locations throughout your home, vehicle and work space. And, I invested in a small handheld vacuum cleaner that enables me to quickly suck up the hair during the extreme summer months. Hair is simply a fact of living life with a service animal, but I consider it a small irritation that is heavily outweighed by the other benefits of having a service dog.

Summer time is upon us and I don’t know about other assistance dogs, but Whistle seems to be shedding more than usual. I think I just forgot how much he actually shed last year. Whistle gets groomed regularly and I try to brush him at least once a week. However, during this time of year, his shedding appears uncontrollable.

My husband, Franz, helped me brush Whistle this morning and there was so much hair on the ground, we could have collected it up and named it! It looked like another dog had joined us. What do you do to help your dog with shedding during the summer months?